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Update: Hoops University Basketball Camps Canceled Due to COVID-19


Become a real competitor playing one of sports’ favorite pastimes. Hoops University (HU) by Davis Basketball Development offers Los Angeles’s and south Georgia’s most exciting, well-rounded series of basketball programs for kids ages 7 – 13.


At HU, your tots and tweens will learn the fundamentals of basketball, sportsmanship, camaraderie and organization. Our program model is designed so that our students become stellar competitors and leaders on and off the court.


Students will receive individual and group instruction on basics like shooting, dribbling and passing. They’ll put their skills to the test in full-court basketball games, and they’ll have opportunities to win prizes and trophies based on their performance and participation.


Director Keith Davis brings his bevy of collegiate and international playing experience and his “fundamentals first” philosophy to every class, and camp coaching staffs consist of former and current players.


Hoops University gives your family an outlet that will keep your kids physically fit while engaging them in new and challenging experiences.




Waycross Camp

West Hollywood Camp


I would also like to take this time to say thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Davis...as well as the coaches...for giving the children of Waycross, Ga. an opportunity to do what they enjoy doing...playing basketball...while teaching them the fundamentals of the game.

Alaycia Staten - Parent

Congratulations on another successful year Keith we are very proud of the man you have become and how you are giving back to the love of Basketball that you enjoy so much and sharing your talent with others, and thanks to all that help you with your vision...God Bless.

Angela Butler - Parent

Coach Keith Davis is such an amazing teacher and coach. He makes everything so much fun for the kids! I can't say enough about this program - hope to see you on the court in January.

Ann Vanderpyl - Parent

Another great session of Hoops University is done. If you have a young kid in the LA area interested in basketball, I highly recommend Coach Davis' program.

Jorge Hernandez - Parent

Wanna take the time out to appreciate Keith Davis Gary Franklin Coach Lee Butler and Coach Shay for the time effort and patience working with our kids this summer!!!! We need more support like this for our children in Waycross, I just wanted ALL of the coaches and sponsorship to know we appreciate it!!!

Gene Rawls - Parent

You are an amazing coach and whomever get to work with you is so fortunate!

Robyn Mundell - Parent

Thanks, Keith, Gary, Big Juice and the rest of the coaches. The kids really enjoyed themselves and looked forward to going back the next day. Glad that you felt the need to come back home and have this camp. It was very thoughtful and inspirational. Can't wait to see what next year consists of...

Michelle Birden - Parent


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